Expand Latinx Learners’ Authentic Experiences in Computer Programming


The curriculum was designed for and renovated through the participation and feedback of middle school students. It integrates basics of Computer Programming and Mathematics concepts and activities needed to represent digital video and color images. It draws on the almost natural motivation of users, middle school students, with digital image and video.

The curriculum contains two Levels. Level-1 introduces the concepts of image and video representations. Level-2 takes these basic concepts to a next step by introducing object operations connected to videos, images, and even robots.

The curriculum was implemented in an afterschool program through collaborative student and facilitator (undergraduate engineering student with a middle school student) work in small groups. So, they could think together about what the presented problems and activities. The curriculum material also requires users to work through the concepts using in pencil-and-paper and short programming exercises to ensure that they comprehend the target concepts.


This site and curriculum were developed by the project (funded by NSF-ITEST, Award #1613637), Broadening Participation of Latina/o Students in Engineering Using an Integrated Mathematics, Engineering and Computing Curriculum in Authentic, Out-of-School Environments.