Aolme Curriculum

The Level I of the curriculum introduces users to basics of Linux and Python code in order to program images and videos from the pixel level. For this, students learn about the coordinate systems to represent images and videos, and related concepts such as binary and hexadecimal numbers to construct color images. The final projects require users to develop their own video representations based on their interests. Level 1 is covered in the seven sessions listed below. You can access these sessions by clicking on the respective links also provided below.


Basic of Raspberry PI and Linux / Lo esencial del Raspberry PI y Linux


Introduction to Python Programming (print, algebra, strings) / Introducción a Python


Algorithms (for and while loops, range commands, if statements, inequalities) / Algoritmos (for loops-progresiones aritméticas, if statements-rangos, desigualdades)


Binary and Hexadecimal number systems / El plano de coordenadas y las imágenes en blanco & negro en Python


The Coordinate Plane and Black & White Images in Python / El sistema numérico Binario y Hexadecimal


Color Images and Their Components (histograms) / Las imágenes y sus componentes (histogramas?)


Creation of Images and Video / Creación de imágenes y video