AOLME 2013

MEC Program Description:

The Spring 2013 Mathematics Enginering Club (MEC), an after school program, took place at UNM, ECE building. Students, in a similar environment as that of the ME-S2 program, met for three hours on Saturdays during a ten-week period. The curriculum was a continuation of level 1 implemented during the 2012 ME-S2 program, and it included explicit approaches to basic programming, problem solving, and conceptual understanding of digital image and video processing and related mathematics skills, which were connected to some of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.
During MEC 2013, students developed sophisticated videos that included applications of mathematical morphology and sound. Students developed conceptual understanding of programming by creating flowcharts in each of their projects. Here are some samples of the videos that students created.

2013 MEC Program Flyer:



Group A:

Some final products of the 2013 MEC program were digital color videos that our students constructed from the pixel level.